• “When you are deeply troubled,
    there are things you get from the silent devoted
    companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.”
    – Doris Day

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As an animal-assisted therapist, I lean on the healing power of nature and the mind-body connection to help you overcome anxiety and enhance self-compassion. Benji helps me create a gentle, joyful atmosphere in the therapy room, where we can celebrate you and your desire to grow.



We provide individual therapy to help the family member deal with stress and be a healthy part of the whole family's recovery


We specialize in helping the people who help addicts- spouses, parents, and siblings effected by addiction. Together we can explore your thoughts and feelings about the changing relationship, identify enabling behaviors, and practice skills for eliminating codependency. We can turn the focus back on you.


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Meet Annalisa Smithson

I spent 10 years working in the nonprofit industry after completing a master’s degree in anthropology. I traveled the world, met brilliant people, and became quite homesick. So I came home. I earned another degree, this time in counseling. I worked hard to integrate my “anthropological lens” into my therapeutic work. It’s important that my interactions with clients are sensitive to the cultural nuances of their lives. When I say “culture” I’m talking about our experiences doing drugs, going to church, dealing with racism, coming out of the closet, and basically everything else related to our identities.

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