Benji’s Holiday Cheer

How to Keep Spirits Up What’s waggin’ folks?  It’s your pal Benji again to bring some holiday cheer to all who are near.  That’s right, it’s that time of year.  Ya know, I was sitting here and thinking about my first holiday… #flashback. I was still a puppy living with my brothers, sisters, and mama.  It was so wonderful.  The...[ read more ]

What is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

There's nothing I love more than discussing the joys and challenges of animal-assisted therapy (except actually doing it!) I recently presented at the Pennsylvania Counseling Association's annual conference, educating my fellow counselors on how to effectively bring a dog into their practice. I quickly realized that before we could start the seminar, my audience needed a crash-course on the definition...[ read more ]

Benji’s Friend

  Hey everyone!  It’s me, Benji, again!  Happy Halloween! So, the craziest thing happened the other day.  I was out on my lead in the backyard when I saw the strangest sight.  Sitting in the window of one of my next-door neighbor’s houses was a furry four-legged thing.  It looked like a smaller dog, but the ears were pointed up...[ read more ]

Coping with Past Trauma for a Better Future

Benji's Past: An Edition of the Benji Files  Hey hey, it’s your pup pal Benji again here to talk to you about how I was able to recoup from my rough start in life.  Everyone has things that has hurt them in the past and some experience things that take months, years, or even lifetimes to heal.  I hope that...[ read more ]

The Different Types of Support Dogs

Benji’s Job: An Edition of the Benji Files Hi! My name is Benji and I’m loving life! Every morning I wake up and smell the coffee, drink some water, and go on the first walk of the day.  The smells and sights of the new day are exciting and as I stroll down the sidewalk, I eventually find something I...[ read more ]

What is Pyschotherapy?

So what, exactly, is psychotherapy? Do I have to lay on a leather couch behind a faceless old white dude talking about sex and snakes and greek mythology? And are there dogs? Um, if I'm your psychotherapist, you can talk about whatever you want, including sex and snakes. My chairs are pleather, and cozy enough. And yeah, I happen to...[ read more ]

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