How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

What does it mean to have a healthy self-esteem?Some people think it means you are okay with how you look. Other people think you must accomplish something big in your life to have a good self-esteem.But the reality is, having a healthy self-esteem means you like and appreciate yourself faults and all. A good self-esteem can be the difference between...[ read more ]

Self-Care Made Easy


So before I ask, “How do you take care of yourself?” perhaps I should ask, “Do you—actually—take care of yourself?” If your answer is, “No, I do not practice self-care”, then the most important lesson from this article is simply this: Give yourself permission to invest a few minutes each day in doing things that fulfill you. Many of us...[ read more ]

Is Social Media Bad for Your Mental Health?

Have you been feeling a bit low lately, but you can’t quite put your finger on why? It may have something to do with your social media habits. According to a recent study, social media use can increase depression and loneliness.For years people have suspected that social media use might have an ability to negatively impact our mental well-being. After...[ read more ]

Benji’s Ear: Silence Speaks Volumes

How’s it going everyone?! It’s Benji the Pup here for another tail (or is that tale?)!  I want to talk about something a little different, more of a feeling really.  That feeling when something just isn’t right, when someone doesn’t say it but needs a paw on their shoulder.  It happens a lot in the office and I want to...[ read more ]

The Radical Notion of Self-Love

You may have noticed I forgot to write my usual blog yesterday. In fact, it was my daughter's birthday and I joyfully neglected all things work-related. Happy birthday, Rivlet! In honor of River's birthday, I'm going to do something I've been shying away from for weeks. I'm going to dig deep and find the courage to share a piece of...[ read more ]

How To Help Your Kids Cope With Back-to-School Stress

It’s almost fall, which typically gives me great joy as I wander down the stationary aisle of Target, stocking up on back-to-school goodies. Who can resist a fresh notebook and a good gel pen? But this year, back-to-school sales are the last thing on my mind. And my daughter seems to be feeling the same way. Despite grumbling about alarm...[ read more ]

The Time a Therapy Horse Bit Me on the Butt

Picture of a horse and dog running together

Yes, this is a story about the time a therapy horse bit me on the ass. The best therapists practice what we preach, i.e. we see a therapist of our own. It helps us process our “stuff” so we can continue holding space for our clients day after day. It’s also just good mental hygiene. I think of it as...[ read more ]

Play-breaks with Benji

Letting the Outside In Hey everyone. So, I started today strong and was like 'BRING IT ON!' but I'm starting to struggle. The couch is normally comfy but I'm getting a bit stiff and it's feeling a little stuffy in this office. We're making good progress, but the walls just keep feeling like they're closing. The sun shines happily outside...[ read more ]

Tips for Coping with Social Isolation

Humans are social creatures and we don’t do well in isolation. That’s exactly why state penitentiaries punish prisoners by putting them into solitary confinement. It causes them great mental anguish. Many of us have felt like prisoners in solitary confinement over the last couple of months because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. And many of us have been...[ read more ]

15 Times Zoom Meetings Were Better With Dogs

We all know life is more fun with dogs. Clients at Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC have experienced first-hand how much better counseling is with this pup. But have you ever invited doggo to a Zoom meeting? Here are 15 times Zoom Meetings were better with dogs: 1. Who else will invite you to nap through the meeting? 2. Meetings should be...[ read more ]

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