15 Times Zoom Meetings Were Better With Dogs

15 Times Zoom Meetings Were Better With Dogs

We all know life is more fun with dogs. Clients at Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC have experienced first-hand how much better counseling is with this pup. But have you ever invited doggo to a Zoom meeting? Here are 15 times Zoom Meetings were better with dogs:

1. Who else will invite you to nap through the meeting?

2. Meetings should be fun! But that’s a tennis ball, not a softball, buddy.

3. Unfortunately, human team-members will never make employee of the month with this kind of competition.

4. If it’s good enough for Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck…

5. Again with the napping? Perhaps he’s just a heavy breather.

6. I’ll never not laugh at your jokes, Benji.

7. Someone looks a little jelly.

8. Not cool, doggo.

9. “Other duties as assigned.”

10. Lean into the healing power of nature, doggo.

11. Click “leave meeting”. Bottom right-hand corner.

12. I consent to this head-boop.

13. Belly scritches bring joy to all parties.

14. That’s a sweet downward dog.

15. The meme that started it all! More walks for Benji, please.

Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC is a private counseling practice in Pottstown, PA where clients work closely with Benji and Annalisa to overcome anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health conditions. Learn more at www.counselingwithdoggo.com

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